Our Organic Argan
Organic Argan - Best cosmetic organic argan oil
Nuestro aceite Bio Argan
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Our Organic Argan

The Land of South Western Morocco, considered a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 1999, gives the golden fruit and prime product of Moroccan people: Argan, Argania Spinosa . Its fruit, date-alike, ripes between March and September. Once collected, the nuts are cracked  by hand and seeds are grinded to obtain this organic oil. Natives need around 15 hours hand-work to obtain 1L of organic oil. Quality differs depending on weather, water, land where the tree grows and extraction methodology. Argan oil extraction is completely artisan. Seeds are grinded on a big stone using a stone mortar. The result is an oily dough from which they obtain this organic oil. Cosmetic oil comes from grinded raw seeds. The result being a dough, to which small amounts of water is added to separate the oil from the rest. The remanent is used to produce soaps, peels, facial masks, and other beauty products. Cosmetic Argan oil nourishes the skin at cell level. By moisturizing the skin it avoids damage and senescence (stretch marks, wrinkles). It has anti-aging properties as well as antiseptic and fungicidal ones (soothes burnt skin and helps preventing acne, psoriasis). This organic oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is also rich in vitamin E (tocopheroles). Biological analysis confirm its valuable nutritional and medicinal properties, as it not only enriches the skin by nourishing and protecting it, but may also be applied to hair and nails to strengthen them.