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Organic Argan - Best cosmetic organic argan oil
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Differently to other Argan oils, our organic oil is 100 % pure. i.e.: it hasn´t been reduced nor mixed with other oils (almond, palm, sunflower, etc) nor substances. Only for external use, our cosmetic Argan oil is 100% organic. We don´t use culinary Argan oil, wich is cheaper. As no chemical processes are implied, our Argan oil has no rivals. Not even hight quality moisturising facial creams may provide such an effective result on our skin.

The production of our Argan oil is fully handcrafted; it responds to international fair trade laws. And we make sure of it and verify it by picking it up ourselves at the main source. There are no intermediaries. We do keep a close relationship and do directly work whith the femenine cooperatives located in Sahara. Selected product is 100% organic and Eco-Certified ®. 15 hours hand-work to obtain 1L of organic oil. Quality differs depending on weather, water, land where the tree grows and extraction methodology.

Ideal for all types of skin, young and mature It contains no parabens, perfumes nor preservatives Helps increasing cell regenaration Helps avoiding skin senescence Neutralizes free radicals. It has powerful antioxidants No colorants are used to prevent damage or skin itching. HOW TO USE: Daily use after shower or bath. Apply smoothly in body and face. Massage the area until totally absorbed. Best if applied before going to sleep. Avoid sun exposure due to photosensitivity.

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