100 % Organic

Organic Argan cosmetic oil comes from the first cold pressure of grinded raw Argan seeds. Our organic oil is 100 % pure, it hasn´t been reduced nor mixed with other oils. Selected product is 100% organic and EcoCertified ®

Sahara handmade

Our Argan Oil comes directly from a Sahara feminine rural cooperative, making it a Fairtrade product. Extraction is very difficult and it is the seed of the fruit  the one having the oily content. The process is completely artisan.

Without intermediaries

We do keep a close relationship and do directly work with the feminine cooperative located in Sahara.  No laboratories, no  intermediaries nor chemical processes are implied.s.


Cups of tea


Worked hours


Satisfied clients


Runned miles

Sacha Suárez

Compromised with organic cosmetics for more than 20 years, decides creating the brand Organic Argan after discovering this precious oil at the Sahara.

Cecilia Montesinos

In love with organic products, happily immerses in this project after proving the wonderful qualities of this silky cosmetic oil.

Oriol Blanch

Our biologist. Very demanding and selective with chosen products. THE COSMETICOH! owner. The best cosmetic shop in Barcelona.